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BE Documentation System

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Corporate Office

BE Office Documentation,
Unit # A:13,
3, Maruti Industrial Complex
Palam Udyog,
Sector 18,


The Management

BE Documentation System is headed by BE Group Chairman R.B. Yadav. The BE Group was founded in 1979, when Mr. Yadav started a firm, manufacturing manual photocopiers. From these humble beginnings the group has gone on from strength to strength registering a manifold growth over the years. Mr. R.B Yadav has steered the company through its formative years nurturing it through his indefatigable efforts; and he still is the guiding light taking the company and the group to greater heights. His innovative thinking and sharp entrepreneurial skills have made the BE Group one of the foremost names in its sphere of activities. He is a master motivator, who has inspired his team to perform to their complete potential, thus making everybody responsible for the success of BE Group as a whole.

A born leader, Mr. Yadav has made pioneering efforts in making forays into untapped markets, thus strengthening the sales of the various companies in the BE Group portfolio. He believes in constant innovation and this has seen him continuously upgrading distribution channels as well as increasing the Group’s product inventory regularly. Mr. R.B. Yadav has single handedly charted the groups rapid overseas expansion. His abiding passion for customer satisfaction has seen incessant improvements in the area of customer support.

Mr. Yadav has made operational excellence a way of life for the BE Group. This gifted individual is the prime reason for the group’s success in all the ventures that it has entered into. It is under his able guidance that the BE Group delivers high growth together with increasing earnings.

His unbridled enthusiasm and zeal has propelled the BE Group to achieve the best results in terms of sales, expansion, and diversification.

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