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Welcome to BE Documentation System

BE Documentation System is a firm specializing in the rental and after sales service of photocopiers. Based in Gurgaon, India, we are part of the renowned BE Group, which has left an indelible mark in all the markets that it has ventured into. BE Documentation System, like the BE Group, is built on a foundation of trust, superior quality standards, and customer focus.

BE Documentation System is fine tuned to meet all the business requirements of our clients. Our portfolio of photocopiers, gives our clients the choice to select the copier best suited to their needs. We offer the best alternative to buying a photocopier by making it a cost-effective proposition. This is because you save a large amount of capital that you might have spent investing in a high-end copier that becomes redundant in a short while.

Our flexible rental plans are tailor-made to suit each and every kind of customer requirement. Moreover, our after sales service is the best money can buy.  Be it an emergency or otherwise, our technicians will be on the spot immediately to solve and take care of all the technical problems of your copier. We are experts at keeping your machine in the best of shape.

The management of BE Documentation System is headed by Mr. R.B. Yadav, Group Chairman and the founder of the BE Group of Companies. Mr. Yadav’s inherent capability and unbridled talent have made BE Documentation System a name to reckon with in its field of operations. He is a highly gifted individual who has consistently motivated his team to not only meet customer expectations but to exceed them.

It is under his able guidance that the company has seen a dynamic growth and strengthened its sales by its thrust on providing quality products and effective services. He is the key figure that is responsible for the company’s ever rising fortunes.

BE Documentation System is committed to maintaining customer driven quality standards, high functionality, and cost effectiveness with regard to its products and services. All our processes are geared for providing products and services that can best suit a client’s requirements.

Our dedication towards operational excellence has seen our business grow at a rapid pace. Rapid expansion calls for recruitment of talented people to help maintain the growth of the company. So, if you have the fire in you and love challenges, work for BE Documentation System and see your career sky-rocket.

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