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The technological advances in the world of photocopiers are happening at a brisk pace. Our expertise allows us to supply top-of-the-line photocopiers and also offer advice to help you choose and install the photocopier best suited to fulfill your documentation needs.

In order to help you make the right selection, we at BE Documentation System have given you some pointers, which can go a long  way in helping you rent, lease, or purchase just the right copier.

  1. The first consideration should always be the amount of copies that will be made per month. When you think of a projected amount please allow for future business expansions. You will do well to give due consideration to the maximum monthly volume recommendation of your copier manufacturer.
  2. The unit of speed for a photocopier is, ‘cpm’ that is copies per minute. While selecting a photocopier make sure the speed satisfies all your requirements.
  3. Ensure that you select a photocopier that copies the size of paper you need.
  4. While choosing a photocopier, make sure that it has all the features that you need. For e.g. enlargement, reduction, and double sided (duplex) copying.
  5. The capacity of a photocopier is also a very important criterion during selection. It should have enough paper capacity to be filled at appropriate intervals.
  6. We advise potential customers to go for digital photocopiers as they are known for their superior quality as well as enhanced reliability. Another advantage is that they are not as loud as the analog photocopiers. Moreover a digital photocopier can be connected to your computer network or telephone line.
  7. Of paramount importance is the service given to you by your photocopier supplier. A good service arrangement not only includes service but also providing spare parts over the given period of contract.
  8. Leasing a photocopier makes sound business sense especially in the case of small to medium enterprises. Don’t forget to ask your supplier about the rental options.

It goes without saying, that our company offers a varied range of photocopiers in tandem with all the points listed above. For more information contact at:

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