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After Sales Service


The world of copiers has seen rapid advances in technology. The copier has evolved from a mechanical copying device to high-end complex unit, which incorporates state-of-the-art digital technology. This has increased its reliability, but owing to the complexity; require special attention and care.
We are aware of the fact that consumers now do not just buy a particular product or service but rather a package deal where the ancillary services are very much part of the relationship.

This is precisely what we at BE Documentation Systems are proficient at doing. Our expert service technicians are at hand 24/7 to take care of all your photocopier maintenance needs.

We maintain the highly trained team of professionals who are experts in their fields which ensures that our after sales and maintenance service is second to none. Our team of specialists performs regular on site diagnostic tests and preventative service work in order to facilitate the smooth functioning of your machine. This firm firmly believes that the best publicity one can have is a satisfied group of customers who can bear testament to the quality of our services. This testament earned for our job well done is itself the best advertisement that a firm can generate at no extra cost.

We have a pan-India network of service technicians that have a proven track record of providing the highest levels of service. We believe in actively seeking feed-back from our clients regarding the service and whether our technicians were able to solve any problems they might be having with their copiers. For us client feedback is a means of assessing and re-evaluating the capability of our technicians.

We believe in prompt action and emergency or not we answer a client's summons immediately.


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