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About Us

BE Documentation System is a part of the renowned BE Group, known for its commitment to operational excellence, and achieving customer driven quality standards. The BE Group is an organization built on a solid foundation of quality, trust and an ingrained desire to achieve not just customer satisfaction but complete customer delight. These ideals have seen the BE Group make an impact in all the markets that it has ventured into. The BE Group is well-known for its vast and diverse range of products, which are the best in terms of value, functionality, and efficacy.

Based in Gurgaon, India, BE Documentation System is a firm specializing in the rental of copiers and their after sales service. Our clients span the length and breadth of the business spectrum, right from the small copy shop owner, to some of the biggest corporate houses in India. Our broad experience base allows us to serve our clients better than anybody else in the copier rental business. The extensive range of copiers that we make available to our clients ensures them of a varied choice and the best returns on investment. This not only makes for client satisfaction but goes a long way in client success.

Leasing a photocopier makes good business sense, as it is an extremely cost-effective option. Small to medium enterprises who do not want to invest capital on a high-end copier can go for the rental option and cut down on their overall costs. This allows them to save money yet, get all the benefits of an outright purchase. Thus, they get the best of both worlds. The way things are moving in the photocopier world, a high-end photocopier will get obsolete within a year. Therefore, we offer the next best alternative to a purchase of a copier. Our portfolio of photocopiers, will suit a myriad of business requirements.

BE Documentation System’s proven expertise in our field of operations makes the difference – whether we are assisting our client to select the best photocopier from our inventory or the effectiveness of our after sales service. We allow no margin for error as far as the quality of our products and services is concerned. In doing so, we are following in the footsteps of the BE Group, which is at the forefront of offering pioneering products and services. The aim is to provide a gamut of services that facilitates improvement in the work-life of the people as well as providing them with the means to enjoy their lives.

The BE Group offers you across-the-board products and services including, but not limited to, copiers, software solutions, web hosting, internet based solutions, and internet marketing. Our tours and travel wing brings to you some exciting holiday packages. The BE Group will soon launch its pharma arm –BE Bio Chem.

BE Documentation System has imbibed all the values of its parent group and as a result offers the most efficient, cost-effective and superior products that has made us a name to reckon with in our sphere of activities. Our mission is to provide copiers high on compliance and an after sales service that is timely and constructive. This has made us the preferred choice of clients, and most of them have a long lasting, fruitful relationship with BE Documentation System.

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